Hard Rocked & Rocked Harder! (Rock With You Series)

Rock With You - Now re-released and extended!

Hard Rocked (Book #1):

Melody, a plus-size lawyer, has just been dumped by her fiance. To make matters worse, he did it via text message. Deciding to drown her sorrows at a local pub, Melody is intent on forgetting about men altogether. Instead, she's going to focus on her budding career, and if she's lucky, she might just make partner at her firm.

It isn't long before her plans are completely derailed by an irresistibly sexy stranger who guides her to a dark corner of the bar. And this gorgeous alpha male isn't your ordinary man. It's Logan MacKenzie, lead guitarist of the insanely popular Scottish rock band, "Revival". A man used to getting anything he wants, whenever he wants it.
What starts out as a wildly passionate one-night-stand quickly turns into a far more complicated relationship when the curvy lawyer discovers that the bad-boy rocker is her newest client. To make matters worse if she doesn't win the case he'll lose everything he's worked so hard for.

And there's even more trouble on the horizon when Melody's boss discovers her new relationship and threatens to destroy her career if she doesn't give him the one thing he's always wanted - her.

Rocked Harder (Book #2):

Melody and Logan’s world is about to spiral out of control when they are forced to deal with a ghost from the past that threatens to destroy their future.

Who exactly is Claire, and what does she really want with Logan? Is Ryan following Melody and what are his true intentions? And what happens when Logan’s manager decides to ramp up the lawsuit against him, threatening to destroy his career and take everything he’s worked so very hard for?

Star Struck (Rock Star BBW Romance)

Star Struck (Rocker Romance)

The incredibly curvy Mandy Sloane was all of the things that Ethan Tyler knew was wrong for him. The sweet, young fashion intern has no real world experience, and she's way too young...not to mention deliciously voluptuous. Not his usual "Barbie doll" type at all. The problem is, he can't keep his eyes off of her.

What will the hot rocker do when Mandy rejects his advances? One thing is for certain: Men like Ethan don't give up easily, and they certainly never take no for an answer.

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