Nothing But Wolves: 10 Shifter PNR Stories!

Nothing But Wolves - JUST 2.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!

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Are you a die hard werewolf shifter paranormal romance reader? Then look no further for your fill of sizzling hot werewolf romance novels, short stories, and full length novels from two New York Times bestselling authors Catherine Vale and Adriana Hunter! 

In this super-size special edition of digital books, you'll have instant access to a full collection of werewolf romance and erotic romance stories! That's TEN books in one package!

The Wolves Next Door by Catherine Vale
When plus size single Julie moves into a strange town, nothing could prepare her for the dangerously handsome strangers next door who want nothing more than to claim her as their own.

All American Wolf by Adriana Hunter

Brody is a man of many secrets so when he shows up on a murder suspect list it's up to the law to figure out who he really is. Except the woman assigned to the case can't seem to resist him...even if it costs her everything.

Along Came A Wolf by Catherine Vale
The last person Gabriel expected to see was the sexy woman who ran out on him in the middle of the most incredible night of his life. The Leigha he meets now is nothing like the sensual woman he let his guard down with, but now somebody is targeting her, and he must move quickly to get her under his protection.

Taming The Alpha by Adriana Hunter
When you're the Alpha Male there are certain things that are expected of you, and finding a suitable mate is at the top of the list. For Jax, a powerful and dangerous werewolf, that's not so easy because the one woman he's deeply attracted to is a girl that will never be accepted by the pack. A woman that he can't seem to get out of his head. A first for him.

Untamed Hearts by Catherine Vale
He’s a wild and dangerous shifter on a motorcycle. She’s a feisty full-figured waitress trying to rebuild her life. Both have something to hide; neither is willing to let go. Can two people with so many secrets ever learn to trust again?

Better Mate Than Never by Adriana Hunter
Caleb Stone has wanted Paige for as long as he can remember, but there's a reason he's always kept his distance. Wolves, more specifically, Lycans, can't mate with humans. Worse, he can sense her incredibly intense hunger for him but he knows that he can never give her what she wants, or needs.

Scent Of A Mate by Catherine Vale

She-wolf. Rilen could smell her; could virtually taste her on the back of his tongue. He’d waited two hundred years for this. Desperately searching, about to give up…believing he was not destined to ever find her. And yet here, stuck outside on this dark, rainy night, her scent wafted over him like a fading song in a dream. How could it be that here of all places and tonight of all nights, he may finally have reached the end of his achingly long search?

Happily Ever Alpha by Adriana Hunter
Clara has lost everything. Both parents, her family estate and the only home she's ever known. Forced to move, the last thing she wants, or expects, is to find herself torn between two men. Both men are determined to make her their own, and neither will let her go without a fight. Clara will have to surrender her body and soul to one sooner than later.

Wolf Bite by Catherine Vale
When Grayson walks into the local bank, he expects that it will be business as usual. That is until a local biker gang shows up, armed to the teeth. A few gunshots later and he finds himself on the run - except he’s not alone. Cadence, the deliciously curvy bank teller is by his side and if there’s one thing Grayson is sure of, it’s that this lady just made things a whole lot more complicated.

Touch Of Alpha by Catherine Vale & Adriana Hunter

This special paranormal short is released as part of this box set only.

This is a scorching hot alpha male collection of wolf shifter stories that you don't want to miss! Purchase your copy for just $2.99 for a limited time! Regular price is $19.99!

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