Dangerous Desires (Alpha Male Romance)

From New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author Adriana Hunter...

"Dangerous Desires" features a full collection of scorching hot romance stories featuring bad boys and the curvy heroines who love them!

In this exclusive collector's edition you'll download 8 sizzling tales of seduction and domination including: For His Pleasure, Under His Spell, Surrender, Billionaire's Bounty, Curve Control and more!

For His Pleasure:
Katherine would never guess that she was ever on Matt's radar until one day, during a boardroom meeting, in a very unexpected turn of events, he comes to her rescue. That one simple calculated move sets the pace for a flurry of give & take, in a dangerous game of submission.

Under His Spell:
Falling for the boss had never been part of her job description, but Zara couldn't seem to help herself. Chase Morgan was simply the hottest male she'd ever seen. Unfortunately, he barely knew she existed outside her role of secretary. And when she finally catches his attention, she wonders what she'd need to do to keep it. Soon she finds herself willing, and able, to meet even his wildest demands...

From the very first moment that I laid eyes on the mysterious Jake Meyers, I knew that he would change me forever. There was something dark and dangerous in those impossibly blue eyes, and I was powerless to resist. He became my obsession and I accepted every opportunity to satisfy my desperate desire to be his.

Everything about us was wrong but I knew going in that he was a man who refused to be loved. I tried hard to remind my heart of why I was there...with him, allowing him to take from me all that he needed until I had surrendered completely.

Billionaire's Bounty:
Dashing billionaire tycoon Jude Stone had set his sights on the beautiful, curvy Miranda Quinn - and he will do just about anything to make her his.

Maid For The Billionaire:

Savvy, handsome businessman and pharmaceutical tycoon Greyson Marks isn't afraid of a little competition, but when he returns to his hotel room only to find the beautiful and voluptuous Sasha Gold cleaning his room, he is overcome with a mixture of lust...and anger.

Pleasing Her Master:
Anna Pierce is about to discover a world where pleasure and pain meet and her darkest desires come to life in a series of tortuously erotic lessons handed down to her by a mysterious Dom.

Curve Control:

Eva needs a job desperately and she's willing to do just about anything to land one, including fabricating a complete history and references. To her surprise, it works and she finds herself hired on by the prestigious advertising agency, Creative Enterprises. Lies begin to unravel… It isn't long before Eva's boss, gorgeous billionaire and CEO of the company, Greyson Stone, discovers what she's been hiding. Eva isn't remotely qualified for the position she's been hired for but rather than fire her, he has

Anything For Him:
He's never met anyone quite like her...

Through a power struggle of forced submission and strict domination, Danny Sullivan and Meghan Lowry discover a whole new way of mending the wounds of their past. But once they allow themselves to trespass into a world of order and obedience, they'll never be able to turn back.

Note To Readers: Many of these stories are no longer available individually so fans of Adriana Hunter can finally add them to their romance collection in this specially priced boxed set, but only for a limited time!

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