Submission: (Guilty Pleasures #3) Dominated By The Billionaire

Submission: Dominated By The Billionaire - BBW Erotic Romance

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In The Shocking Conclusion To ‘Guilty Pleasures’ …

In the final chapter of Adriana Hunter’s gripping series, Guilty Pleasures…

Abby never expected to find herself in such a difficult situation. In love with two men, she is forced to make a decision: stay with the rugged cowboy Chase Thomas and hope that he can commit, or leave him behind for Jake Myers, the savvy businessman with dark secrets, who promises to love her forever.

Abby knows that no matter who she chooses her life will never be the same again, yet if she makes the wrong decision she’ll destroy any chance of happiness.

Find out what happens when Abby sets off on a search to discover the painful truth about Jake’s history with Jane and why Chase can give her what she wants but maybe not what she needs.

Adult Content: This story involves sexual content and graphic language that is suitable for adults only. Please do not purchase if you are under the age of eighteen.

The Guilty Pleasures series is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.


  1. When will this book be available on Canadian iBooks??

  2. It is available on the Canadian iBookstore now :)

  3. This is seriously one of the hottest bdsm series on Amazon. So in love with Chase!